Reposted from the old blog where it was posted only last week. But good reviews need to be preserved for posterity.

This is one of those blog reviews that makes you dance and sing, and very happy you got out of bed in the morning.

I know it is the way of the big ego to be too happy with good reviews, but this writer hit many of the points I am trying to make with my book, so that has given me a boost. From Cheerful Megalomaniac:

One of the things that I was extremely surprised to see in there, is a man’s addiction to the “Nexus” a communications network somewhat akin to the internet. He actually becomes numb to humanity because he is so enthralled by the flow of information; whats the point in knowing everything, if you care for nothing? Any comic book that looks at the effect extreme internet addiction can have on someone life, but more importantly WHY the internet is so seductive, is pretty fine, IMHO.

You know, I created that scene before I ever spent a little too much time on the internet, having to download Leechblock, so I really do need to listen to the warnings in my own stories!

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And thanks, Cheerful Megalomaniac!