For some bizarre reason, the blogosphere can’t get enough of this item: the Barbie Whistle Torch. So I have recovered the post from the old blog and preserved it. Because it’s a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

There’s a video interview with Neil Gaiman over on his blog, from a show called Prisoners of Gravity. I cannot recall if I was ever on this show, but it sure looks familiar, so sorry, Jon Marvin, I can’t help you there.

Jon Marvin wrote to let me know about this clip, and to inform me that other swell episodes of Prisoners of Gravity are available on Youtube.

About the Barbie Whistle Torch: Neil mentions that he gave it to me to keep forever.

I told Neil I would treasure it forever. I did. It still sits in the jar that holds my paintbrushes. I admire it every day.

Behold. The wonder of it.


Good times, good times.

PS: Neil Gaiman won the Newberry Medal for the Graveyard Book. Congratulations, pookie.