Free video tutorials available every week at Photoshop User TV, brought to you by the National Association of Photoshop User gurus. You, the faithful viewers, who will have to sit through a few commercials and some light banter, but it’s free, so no complaining from me on that score. I never fail to learn some nifty tip or tool watching this program which requires Flash to view.

Even though there are a lot of free tutorials out there in webderland, I still strongly recommend paying for as the ultimate online source for tutorials for virtually any computer program of any kind. Need training in Maya and other complex animation programs? You will find many of them at

Many free tutorial sites are poorly organized, and finding just what you need can be problematic. All of the videos at are meticulously organized and sequenced by program type, technique, and tool. Even if you have very old programs, many of the tutorials are still available at Lynda. The site adds new programs every month, and has over 20,000 videos available. Each one runs about 8 or ten minutes per task, so you can find dozens of hours of tips and training for almost any program you can think of. Subscribe and get unlimited monthly access. You’ll save money not having to search around the net for every little task to pay for the site subscription.


PS: Old episodes go offline and you have to pay $1.99 to download them unless you are an NAPP member. I am, so that’s yet one more reason to join the organization, out of which I have already gotten far more than my money’s worth.

Not a paid endorsement, or anything. Just in case you were wondering if I get shill money for all this.