Here’s one of the roughly two dozen commissions that I finally finished over the last couple of months. Aubrey Stallings kindly waited several years to get it! Nowadays, I finish them within twelve months or less.

The best way to make sure I get them done on time is to have people contact me several months before a show. With a 50% deposit, and a solid deadline, both the patron and I will be there and the job will be finished. It is so easy to procrastinate on commissions, especially when I have deadlines for clients.

At this year’s New York Comic Con, I had dozens of requests. The economy doesn’t seem to be hurting fans who want original drawings! Alas, I could not do any of them because my schedule is full, but I did give a few people a rain check if they asked me to draw something I liked. One person requested a Shade the Changing Man, and I will be taking that job on.

I’ll be posting a number of the sketches over the next couple of weeks. I mentioned I only had one left, but I forgot about a major Sandman piece I’ve been struggling with. That and a large painting are the last of them.

This also means the remarqued edition books and lettered states are completed. They will be shipped out in installments over the next couple of weeks and that will be it.

While I won’t be selling art on ebay and the like, I will let you know if I have time to take on any more small commissions. I may have time for a few before Charlotte Heroes Con, which is the only show I am scheduled for the rest of this year. If you are interested, please let me know at least two months in advance.

Come back over the next couple of weeks for more sketches. I get a lot of Legion of Superheroes requests! I hope DC Comics lets me have another crack at that book someday!

I’d almost forgotten: at some point in the dim and distant past, I was hired to be the new artist on a Tarzan comic, but it went under before the work could be published. I will see if I can find more sketches.


Tarzan and Jane © ® Edgar Rice Burroughs Estate