A preview of the new graphic novel Gone to Amerikay at Comic Book Resources’ Robot6 blog, with pix. Story by Derek McCulloch, art by me.

Sarah Jaffe blogging about Men are from Krypton, Women are From Paradise Island, the very popular panel at NYCC featuring me, Barbara Kesel, Jimmy Palmiotti, Abby Denson, Jamal Igle. Much fun was had by all.

The Financial Times on the relationship between comics and film, centering on the upcoming Watchmen movie, which had New York City plastered with posters everywhere one looked. Everyone is watching the Watchmen because you can’t help it.

To nourish that urgency, there is nearly always in action comics or graphic novels an elemental contact with reality, even when disguised or encrypted. Never mind that these stories are fantasy, or in 300 fantasised history. The best of them feed on the actual or parody-actual, like meat grabbed through the bars of the frame. Watchmen makes extraordinary reading today, and must have done 20 years ago, since author Moore proposes a doom-ridden America governed into the 1980s by Richard Nixon. Gerald Ford is a supporting character. Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan might never have been born.