Here’s a hefty interview with me over at Newsarama. Conducted by Michael Lorah, who has had some lovely things to say about A Distant Soil over the years. Thanks for the nod, Michael!

I have very telling photos from one of the small press expos from the early 1990s. A mainstream creator who had tried self-publishing went with a bunch of the core self publishers to the show, thinking they were going to clean up sales-wise because they were this hot mainstream name. And there I was with James Owen and hanging with Jeff Smith and the self publishing gang. And people wanted Jeff Smith and Los Bros Hernandez and the like. They had no interest in the mainstream creator, who threw a tantrum, complained about being snubbed and began refusing to pose for photos. They kept turning their back to the camera every time someone tried to take a shot.

They just could not understand how their self-published effort wasn’t selling as well as their mainstream effort. And the answer is, Spider-Man’s sales aren’t your sales. That’s not your market, that’s Spider-Man’s market. Only a small percentage of the fans of Spider-Man are going to carry over to your personal projects. Bottom line: know your market.