I’ve done a good deal of ghosting of other artists over the years, but sometimes I have to sign confidentiality agreements. In that case, you never hear about the gigs, of course.

For Lynn Johnston’s famous strip For Better or For Worse, I did the hand painted colors on some of her limited edition prints, which, I think, were published by Stabur Graphics (?). It was so long ago, I do not recall all the details.

Naturally, I did not receive credits for this work, but that’s not a problem for me. People aren’t reading the strip because of my coloring, and I was very well paid.

Lynn Johnston had strong opinions about what she wanted. That made her good to work with because there was never any confusion or searching about. She also kindly gave me a couple of the signed prints for myself.

I can’t recall if I ever posted about this job before, but again, I have done so many gigs over the years, I just can’t remember everything.

I ghosted on Brenda Starr for Ramona Fradon briefly as well, but when I saw the artist years later she didn’t remember me, so I am not the only one with a faulty noggin! I don’t blame her. Over the years she must have worked with lots of people. I did art on the daily strip, but it was a strip that didn’t appear in my local paper, and I don’t think I have copies of anything I did. It was very long ago. Maybe around 1991.

Anyway, I have always been very flexible with my work and able to adapt, so unlike some creators have always been employed and able to make a living at what I do. I am lucky I haven’t had to go get a day job or to depend on a spouse to afford to pursue my interests.

The last time I had a part time job was around 1989: I worked as a caretaker at my condo association! I had to test the water in the swimming pool, do minor cleaning in the clubhouse, and keep records of who used the gym. Easiest job I ever had.


With many thanks © ® Lynn Johnston