An interview with writer Derek McCulloch, with whom I am collaborating on Gone to Amerikay for DC/Vertigo, and whose work you can see here on this nifty T Runt preview. Also, Derek wrote the short story I illustrated for Tori Amos: Comic Book Tattoo.

Almost forgot: Tori Amos: Comic Book Tattoo has been nominated for two Eisner Awards: Best Anthology and Best Design.

Also, special props to our buddy JMS for his noms as Best Writer and for Best Continuing Series on Thor.

A Wall Street Journal scribe learns a hard lesson about speculating in comic books. I learned that one when I tried to sell of my Teen Titans collection to pay for my college textbooks. Selling your comics to a dealer won’t make you much dough. Then again, years later the Titans‘ popularity tanked, and I ended up buying back all the issues I had sold for 30 cents a piece.

PBS is launching a video web function.

Among the shows available on the new portal ( are American Masters, Antiques Road Show, Masterpiece Theater Nature and Nova. Classic series, such as the various programs featuring cooking legend Julia Child, will also eventually be available in their entirety on the site.

Two thumbs way up for that. Every time I see NOVA on my digital satellite schedule, it refers to some shopping channel. That makes me sad.

The founder of the web is sad about the deterioration of online privacy. File under “unintended consequences”, dude.

JG Ballard passed on this week, and the UK Daily Mail remembers him with an excerpt from his book about his childhood in a Japanese internment camp.

A stash of letters from Benjamin Franklin have been found at the British Library. It is believed these letters have not been seen in 250 years.

The letters are, in fact, contemporary copies of originals long since lost. They were painstakingly penned by Thomas Birch, a friend of Franklin and an inveterate, almost obsessive, transcriber of the important documents of his time.