In case anyone was wondering, here’s what a real Russet Noon looks like.

Russet potatoes growing in tubs photographed at high noon.


Here are our previous posts about Russet Noon. And here is Peter David’s spoof-o-rama in progress.

But back to my potatoes. Here they are backed by a curtain of wysteria. Ah, lovely.


Behold, the menfolk arrive to build my greenhouse.


In the parenthetical aside department, my life seems more hobbit than elf, eh? With a generous side dressing of cow manure.


PS: Yes, I am working on all my new books. That is why I don’t blog as much as I used to.

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Yes, I am still working on A Distant Soil, I swear to God. But paying work (well, the kind of work that pays good money, that is) comes first.

I will try to have more info about the Lord of the Rings exhibit and concert soon. Still exchanging emails about details. Yes, I will have never-before-seen work on display. And be sure to stop by The One and wish everyone a Happy Anniversary!