Here’s a private commission I am finally boxing off to my very patient patron Darby Watkins.


The pencils are a bit delicate, so I’ve darkened the scan.

Amethyst Princess of Gemworld was my first book assignment at DC Comics (I think), though I had done miscellaneous pin-ups before this. The fantasy series had a nice run, and there are a number of fan appreciation sites on the web where you can learn more about it.

Darby asked for a fully rendered figure at 11″x17″, but I gave him a figure with full background at 11″x14″ instead – background added to make up for the wait.

11″x17″ is a size many fans request: trust me, you don’t want it. That extra couple of picture inches won’t make much difference in the final drawing and it costs considerably more to frame 11″x17″ since that is not a photo standard size.

I wrote an extensive post about matting and framing art, and I hope you will check it out.

My commissions can get expensive, but I hope they are worth waiting for. This pencil rendering technique is laborious, so a drawing like this takes many hours. I usually break the task up into one hour-a-day bits over some weeks while I am working on my jobs for publishers. I always warn my private commission patrons that my commitments to publishers must come first, so sometimes there is a long wait for these drawings.

Now that my car has a brand new engine, I get to take a day to go into the city next week and go see a movie and ship lots of packages like this. I’m really looking forward to going out. I’ve been a tad under the weather this week, and could use a treat! And I’m sure my patrons are looking forward to their packages!

I’ll be posting more private commissions over the next week as I pull them and prepare to ship them, so come back and have a look!


Amethyst Princess of Gemworld, © ® DC Comics