Another commission down, this time for Adam Pezdek.

Always a fun time drawing Death! I’ve got a major piece of all the Endless I still haven’t finished, but most of my commissions are completed (or nearly completed) including one of Shade. But I never tire of drawing things from Sandman. Neil Gaiman magic…

My patrons are giving me a great deal of freedom with these commissions. Drawing one is a nice break from a difficult day of layouts or complicated inking. I spent yesterday working on Stealth Tribes by Warren Ellis – another massive double page spread – and I thought my eyes were going to dribble out of my head. That book has some of the most difficult drawings I have ever tackled.

Alas, I lost some of my lead time last week to being under the weather, so no slacking.

More commissions going up this week. Come back and see!

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PS: pencil on colored paper, with colored pencil. 8″x10″.

Death © ® DC Comics