The new greenhouse is up, but I forgot to take pictures.

My veggies are very happy, and surrounded by banks of blackberries, honeysuckle and roses. Work is pleasant in this environment, as you may imagine from the photos.

For scale, the plant with the yellow flowers in the foreground is six feet tall. That is kale in flower. I’m sure most people have never seen it out of a grocery. I like to let it go to seed because it is so pretty. The flowers are also edible and can be tossed into salads. I pick and eat the blossoms as I walk about the garden.



There’s a five foot path through this thicket which leads to a stream fed, in part, by an underground spring from which I draw water for the gardens. It’s a task hauling all of that by hand, but we now have a small generator and pump we sometimes use to draw the water into a tank which can be towed about on the tractor.

I am too small to use the tractor.

My dad will be installing a permanent water tank and pump for me so I can use the water any time I need to instead of having to call someone to help me. We’ve also acquired a wonderful handyman for the many repair jobs around the barn and wellhouse.

We have had so much rain this season, there hasn’t been much need for our stream pump, except for the water I use in my greenhouse. Every day I trudge down to the stream, haul buckets of water, and feed the plants. Then I go to the house and check myself for ticks.

The weedwhacker is getting a workout as I try to keep the path to the stream clear. I’m not afraid of snakes, but we have a number of poisonous ones about. My mom sent a copperhead off to its reward after she found it under a pot next to the back door.

Mowing the grass and trimming the verge is a practical matter around here, not an aesthetic one. Ticks and snakes love the tall grasses. We never harm the black snakes or any other creature that is no threat, but we dispatch the black widows, brown recluses, water moccasins, and other unpleasant residents without sentimental regret.

I’m considering getting some chickens to allow to free range their way around the yard, since one of their favorite meals is ticks.




I’ve put all of my efforts into my vegetable garden, so my flower garden is a bit puny. However, I thought you’d appreciate this look at my mom’s work. I like her bold use of color and texture.