The only problem with this comfy office corner is it is so comfy that I fall asleep in it.

I’ve been painting the walls and louvered doors (what a pain that is), and considering designs for built in bookshelves. Narrow media-sized shelves will go behind this chair, but I have no idea what to do with the rest of this wall, especially since I have to build around the flat files. Or move the files? Dunno.

I’m also working in the gardens and in the forest about two hours a day. Some of my friends make sad noises when I tell them how much labor I perform on the farm. Then I remind them how much time I used to spend running around a track or lifting weights! It’s all exercise, isn’t it? The farm is now responsible for an additional 35 acres, so there is no end of work to do.

Still, no more city traffic with city stressors! Almost every day feels smooth and easy compared to city living.

Even so, I look forward to getting off the mountain in a couple of weeks to ship commissions, research my novel, and to traipse off to Charlotte Heroes Con.

This weekend I went to a folk festival to do period research for a book. A very pleasant diversion. And the barbecue was awesome.

The view was awesome, too.