Alas, we have another one.

Shane Senter, a science fiction fan living on government disability, has been charged with felony theft and fraud after dozens of fans filed complaints against his “Jump Con” convention scheme, a nationwide traveling show which was to have featured guests from major television programs like Battlestar Galactica, and Babylon 5.

Senter has also been accused of running fraudulent charity schemes after soliciting funds from local businesses to provide computers for the New Hampshire school system. The organization Senter fronted never filed papers to register as a charity.

Senter has now declared bankruptcy, owing millions of dollars to fans, hotels, and vendors, as well as over $500,000 to actors and performers who were contracted to appear at the Jump Con conventions.

Edward James Olmos of Battlestar Galactica, during an appearance at Dragon Con, publicly denounced Senter and urged fans and public officials to “bring this bastard down.”

“This guy ended up doing . . . a real major con job on all of us,” Olmos said.

At AirLock Alpha, Michael Hinman has several articles about the fraud scheme.

Robert Picardo, who played the EMH on “Voyager” as well as starred in the final season of “Stargate: Atlantis,” said at the time he was suffering from misinformation being distributed about how much he’d been paid, and who actually canceled.

“I have no ‘scheduling conflict’ for JumpCon Boston and have not canceled,” Picardo said at the time, according to TrekToday. “JumpCon unilaterally removed me from their Web site without notifying me that I was canceled. Why? Perhaps because our contract stipulates that I’m due a 25 percent cancellation fee if JumpCon cancels me within 60 days of the event.”

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