DarkGlobe, a regular poster at the long gone A Distant Soil Message Board posted this incredible link. In the year 2000, an enormous crystal cave was discovered in Mexico, with huge pillars 20 feet high, extraordinary walls of shimmering rock, and the largest formations found on Earth. It looks exactly how I envisioned the crystal caves on Ovanon. I didn’t realize crystals could get that big on this planet.


Apparently, the subterranean formations grew in a high temperature, water laden environment, so steamy one poor explorer was baked alive. Ew.

It does sort of tie in with my idea that Ovanon was originally a hot planet, but I don’t know how big crystals like this would survive after the world cooled.

Click the link to see the pics. They really are the most amazing cave photos.


Over at SpaceWeather.com, check out these gorgeous pics of light columns. I have never seen such a thing, have you? That really must go into A Distant Soil at some point. It looks exactly like the sort of thing one ought to see in the skies of Ovanon.

Originally posted on the old blog.