From Neil Gaiman’s cell phone. Inexplicably, I appear to be about twelve years old.


Truly, Neil is a magic man. I am going to have him take all my photos from now on.

I think the hotter the guy, the better the photo of the girl. Because she is sending him all her girlie mojo.

Just a theory.

With Jeff Smith’s documentary getting some screening action, check out my blog entries recounting the golden days of the Self Publishing Movement (which I now feel compelled to capitalize) at Boneville. Entries include a two-parter from Larry Marder, fresh from a stint as the right hand of Satan, I mean Todd McFarlane’s major domo (just kidding, Todd. Love ya!)

Other installments from self publishing luminaries can be found at the site. It’s just like an old bar con, only everyone is sober instead of just me.

BTW, I need to pay for the very expensive new glasses (if my eyesight gets any worse, I will be wearing those coke bottle-looking things – so attractive), so I’m going to post a couple of goodies to pay the nice eye doctor man.

Come back tomorrow and have a look at the stuff. One of them is signed by Tori Amos.