I haven’t seen it, but it’s out. It’s getting good notices. Stan Lee worked on it. That’s so cool, it makes me tingly. Here’s a review from IGN, sent in by Bartleby:

The book’s five other stories are likewise quite enjoyable. Mark Waid joins forces with the venerable Colleen Doran for a heartfelt exploration of Uncle Ben and Peter’s relationship, with Waid wisely allowing Doran’s evocative art to do most of the heavy lifting in the most emotionally poignant panels.

I didn’t realize I was venerable. That’s kind of neat. Thanks for sending it in, Bartleby.

Over at Comic Book Resources, another nice notice with particular mention of the Uncle Ben story by Mark Waid and me.

Also included in this issue is an appearance by the much-maligned Spider-Mobile with a familiar tour guide providing insight, a sit-down conversation between Ben Parker and his nephew (quite touching, and beautifully drawn) and some more sparks of stories set to pop up in the next year or so of “Amazing Spider-Man.”

Nice one over at the Sci-Fi Channel’s news hub.

The giant-size issue features a handful of backup stories, the best of which are “Identity Crisis” by character co-creator Stan Lee (a fantasia on the wall-crawler’s disorienting continuity tangles, that pretty much comes out and confesses that the character’s much-revised life makes no sense), and “My Brother’s Son,” by Mark Waid and Colleen Doran, a touching incident from the young Peter’s relationship with his doomed Uncle Ben.

Thank you very much.

Now that the book is out, here’s a peek at one of the pages in progress.


As usual, I’m not going to surf the internet for egoboo, because we live in a world where fans (and sock puppets) excoriate Alex Ross as a terrible artist, and if he’s terrible, I’m screwed. If I read something awful about my work, I still have to do my work afterward, and I don’t want to kill my drawing buzz.

Hope you enjoyed the story.

And please don’t pick on Alex Ross. He painted a comic book cover, he didn’t murder your grandmother. Geez.


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