Here’s something I wrote on another board for a good buddy, Danny Donovan, who is dealing with the sometimes uncomfortable cost of moving forward when others can’t.

Danny has a new project over at DC’s Zuda. His webcomic is Kogoshii.

So, here it is.

Give yourself permission to not be liked by total strangers, and yet to go on living a happy productive life.

Give yourself permission to do what is in your best interest.

Free yourself of the good opinion of others. The only opinion that counts is that of your own conscience.

Give yourself permission to leave people who are not good for you, because if they are not good for you, then their proximity to you is not good for them, either.

Charity begins at home: if you give, and give and give to others, then one day you will have nothing left to give. Give yourself permission to give to yourself.

Don’t let anyone emotionally blackmail you into believing that your happiness is a sin against them.