One of my most avid supporters, blogger Allan Harvey, has often written that he would like to see me draw The Eternals. Well, now that Allan has informed me that I had a brain fart, it appears I still haven’t drawn The Eternals, because these dudes are Inhumans.

Must get more sleep.

This shot of Black Bolt and Medusa from Marvel Fanfare #39 was one of my first jobs for Marvel Comics, circa 1987.


I’ve decided to go ahead and sell this in my ebay auctions, so take your chances by clicking here to see the items for sale! Very low minimum and I’d give it a retail value of at least $250. You never know with ebay! Some items go for much more than I expect, and others slide out of here on the cheap! It’s a roller coaster.

I will continue to sell original art until the end of September, and then my work goes back off the market.

Thank you so much for your support! I really appreciate my patrons, and I especially appreciate the kind notes you all send me! So good of you!

Don’t forget to check out Allan’s blog at this link. It is one of the most entertaining classic comics blogs on the net. You can never get enough of those goofy romance covers, and unintentionally hilarious issues of Jimmy Olsen.

And now I go to get some drawing done, because dang, the internet uplink has been dicey today. I have only been able to get two pages loaded in the last four hours.


Black Bolt and Medusa ยฉ ยฎ Marvel Comics