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I am not here.

And because I am not here, this place is your playground, so everyone be nice.

There is something I would like you to do while I am going that is way more fun than just being nice.

It would be loads of comics goodness to take a bunch of utterly lame comic book characters and try to make a decent comic out of them. Yeah, I know, that’s what the Inferior Five was about, but I’m serious. Let’s make a good comic out of crap comics.

There’s this utterly obscure character named Ultraa I’ve always wanted a shot at. I adored this character back in the day. He only appeared a few times. I suppose I kinda dug the guy because 1) he had long red hair 2) he had kind of a sexy Legion of Superheroes/Dave Cockrum-type costume, and 3) he was Australian, raised by Aborigines. Aussie dudes are hot.

And he also came from Earth Prime, which was the DC version of the real world.


I totally stole this image from this website.

For some reason, in his second appearance, it looks like the artist drew him as a giant. Either that, or the perspective was way off in every shot. Dunno.

Years after he appeared twice in the Justice League series, he’s shown up a couple more times, wearing more clothes and sporting a new origin. But I always liked the idea that he had been raised in the Outback. A Superman analog raised by Aborigines.

Anyway, lame with lame sauce, right?

But, there ARE no lame characters! No lame concepts! Only lame execution! That’s my motto and I’m sticking to it.

OK, let’s engage in fannish glee.

What lame character would you like to see revived? Provide links so we can see just how lame lame is.

If you were going to pick something totally lame for me, feel free. If you’d rather pick something for you, tell us all about it and what you would like to do.

Chances of any of these things ever being done are about the same as getting all your money back from Bernie Madoff, but who cares? Let’s just giggle in public. Because, we can.


Ultraa ยฉ ยฎ DC Comics. God help them.