Work is going so well I can barely tear myself away from the drawing board, but I have art sales to ship! So I am out the door in a minute.

And blogging is good for you, so here’s a pencil sketch preliminary for Tom Stillwell’s Honor Brigade! Order it here!


The final work was painted in Photoshop, and a print of this piece is for sale to benefit John Ostrander, who is in need of funds to finance eye surgery. SEE AND BUY THE PRINT HERE.

This trade collects all six exciting issues of the Honor Brigade: Honor Unbound mini-series. Originally in Black & White, every issue is now in color! Joining the original issues is a collection of totally new short stories and pin-ups from fan favorite comic creators like Gail Simone, Mike Bullock, Tim Seeley, Colleen Doran and Mike Norton.

“A lot of what I love best about the industry is in this book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I hope you loan it to friends, read it with your significant other, and above all, share it with your kids if you have any. Because that would be fun. And that’s what this book is about.” – Gail Simone

“Honor Brigade takes its inspiration from the Silver Age of comics but it proves that, contrary to what some may think, a lot of that attitude can work well in a modern setting. There is just enough of an edge to all of these heroes to make them unique and interesting and once the cover is closed you find yourself wanting more.” – Broken Frontier

“The title has that classic superhero team book feel that is often lost in today’s grim and gritty comic market. A fine series in the spirit of the JSA and ….Astro.. ..City…., Honor Brigade wasn’t just a fun and satisfying read, it was a refreshing one. I was reminded of what I would like to see more of in comics and this is a title I would be proud to share with someone just entering comics or an established reader. This is one I can honestly say you should be reading.” -Comic Related

Tom Stillwell is one of the nicest, most conscientious people in comics, who has raised many thousands of dollars to aid creators, and has paid for living expenses for others out of his own pocket. Bless him.

For those of you who enjoyed a look at my Black Bolt/Medusa Marvel Fanfare piece from MANY years ago, check out Stormantic’s blog for more of my 1980’s Marvel pin-ups! I am so flattered these pieces are remembered after all these years! What a treat it was to draw them!


I’d kill to have another chance to do a gallery, but I’d also kill to get a shot at a mini-series with any of these characters. I loved Magik and was dying to get a chance to draw her. (I just realized that I wrote that I would kill and die for this job. My goodness, aren’t I bloodthirsty.) I used to have a huge crush on Balder, too. Walt Simonson was the gatekeeper to all things Thor, so he gave me a sketch to ease my girly Balder heartache.

Yeah, go ahead, laugh, I got crushes on comic book characters. You did, too. You know you did.


Mystery Girl © ® Tom Stillwell

Magick © ® Marvel Comics