When Web Goddess DC McQueen redesigned the blog, I asked her to move most of the art posts to my portfolio site, which has not been completed yet. In future, most of my non-A Distant Soil art will post there.

Sandman fans do not want to wait for that, and have sent several letters asking where these pictures went. Just for you, a repost of Death and Dream:


And more of the same.


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Trevor Graham wants to know if my work will be featured in DC’s Absolute Death book. It’s a collection of the Death miniseries (which I did not do), but there will be some extras. DC asked me to send some stuff in, but presumably they will be sticking to pieces drawn during production, not later commissions and gallery works. So, I dunno.

For more of my Sandman work, click the tab. I assume you already read Neil Gaiman’s journal.

Today, I do battle with the drawing board and the insidious creep of a sinus infection. For this, I do not need Sun Tzu.

Sandman and Death, © and ® DC Comics.