Elladan and Elrohir are the sons of Elrond.

The running debate around this picture is whether or not the horses would have tack, as Elvish horses were magical and didn’t need it. I’ve always thought the idea of no tack, packings, etc, was a bit of a stretch, even for magic horses. One assumes the elves would have some gear when they rode into battle.

Glorfindel, who appears early in the books, is specifically described as riding a horse with tack. And bells on. So, at least some of the time, elvish horses must have had some gear.

In the end, drawing horses with no tack is easier than drawing horses with it, so no skin off my nose if future pictures of horses have no tack.

Anyway, this will appear in an upcoming issue of Silver Leaves, another Tolkien journal.

A number of Tolkien fans like this picture enough to have asked to use it on their websites and as icons. Quite nice!