I can’t recall how many of these I did, but here’s a look at some of my Lord of the Rings trading cards.


Some of the likenesses turned out fairly well, especially considering the deadline constraints.




I have been a great admirer of Allan Lee ever since I was a little girl seeing his work in Faeries for the first time. He’s been a huge influence on my drawing technique. The classic pencil or chalk look is something that can’t be faked on a computer very well. So, until then, I remain employed.

Donato Giancola does beautiful Tolkien drawings in the old master style. I own a Donato original of Legolas called “Legolas at Helm’s Deep” and it is at the gallery on his website.


I don’t think the desire for hand made work is ever going to go away. I now do some work on computer. I’d still rather do it by hand, even if it takes four times as long. Unfortunately, my clients are not always willing to wait four times as long!


By the way, these originals are tiny. Less than two inches high.

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