This is made of odd.

There’s a good deal of bad blood between the New York Comic Con and the Big Apple Comic Con. Even though New York City has more citizens than some states, apparently some people think it can’t accommodate two conventions. I’m not sure it can accommodate two conventions in one weekend.

Big Apple Comic Con shot the first volley by scheduling one show directly against NYCC, then followed up by escorting NYCC employees out of the Big Apple Con, apparently, for “soliciting.”

OK, whatever, but I can’t recall attending a New York Comic Con where people representing Big Apple Con weren’t doing some soliciting themselves. Seriously, for three years in a row.

I remember the first time I was approached by someone from Big Apple. J. Michael Straczynski was doing a signing at my booth.

This guy comes up to me with a flier and a business card and says – I kid you not – “It’s finally happened. You finally made it. We’ve never asked you before, but now that you’re working with big names like J Michael Straczynski, we can finally invite you to be a guest at the Big Apple Comic Con!”

And I’m thinking, who the hell is this wiggler?

It went downhill from there.

It had to be the most ungracious invitation I have ever received in my life.

Needless to say, I did not jump at this golden opportunity. But I won’t soon forget this execution of manners which would have made Edith Wharton weep cool tears.

My friends Jozef Szekeres and Julie Ditrich were there all the way from Australia
, and it was good to show them that no matter how well I think my career is going, there’s always someone ready to come up in public, give me a good kick in the teeth, and put me in my place. Keeps me humble.

Even if he thought I was merely an adjunct to more important people, the polite approach might have been to say, “Here is my card, here is information about our show. We’d be delighted to have you.”

Instead, I got rhetoric about how I was being invited because I had finally reached the superior status of a genyooeyene Big Apple guest.

I hang with all the right people.

Well, dang.

The exact same thing happened the following year at New York Comic Con, and if that’s not soliciting, I don’t know what is. Big Apple fliers were everywhere.

So, while I have nothing against the Big Apple show (though whoever it was they had approaching potential guests ought to be gagged, for surely he is one of the worst convention representatives I have ever had the displeasure to encounter,) I’m amused that they would be so disturbed that New York Comic Con employees would attend their show. And “solicit.”

I understand Big Apple is under new management, so let’s hope so.

Regardless, Big Apple Comic Con employees attended New York Comic Con and openly solicited guests and attendees right out in front of God and everybody.

Can’t we all just get along?