UPDATE: Mania.com has a very interesting article on this story from 1997! Participants in the project included Mike Mignola and Pamela Anderson!

(This thing is so old, I’m not even sure I was on the web back then.)

I don’t recall seeing this on any of the comics blogs before. Fabio’s name comes up time and again as the perfect living model for The Mighty Thor, but recent casting rumors don’t look good for our pal Fabio.

The Italian actor and model was so enthusiastic about the prospect, that some years ago he went ahead with his own animated version of the Norse legend. Dead in development, apparently.

I know posting this will out me as someone who looks at Fabio’s official website.

It was for reference purposes! Yeah, that’s it!

Anyway, have a gander.


The back of the poster steers dangerously close to plagiarism:


I rather prefer the live action version.


A screen shot of animated Thor and damsel.


I’m kinda partial to this romantic shot, though:


All of these images were pinched shamelessly from the Official Fabio Fan Club website, which I strongly encourage you to peruse.

For reference purposes.

UPDATED: A friend of mine emailed and asked me to add this tale from back in the day.

Here’s my Fabio story.

Was working for one of these small press companies. They were short on funds and could not pay me for a gig. Yeah, ‘aint that normal.

So, I decided to negotiate and take out my fee in merchandise. What the heck, I’m flexible.

They had some Fabio licenses, and so my pay was Fabio. As in merchandise.

Among the booty, a Fabio pillow, which I then used as the cushion on my work chair for years after. I drew many a comic sitting on Fabio’s face.

(I met Fabio at one of those Book Expos, and he was awfully nice and very funny, but all I could think of was my pillow.)

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