I don’t know what’s funnier, this article:

Here is a war photo in which the Jewish Superman poses with allied troops. Later “Superman” movies continued to portray actors who look similar to the original embodiment of the ubermensch concept.


…or the comments thread, in which some people do not seem to recognize the satire as satire.

Includes strong language. See terrifying true trauma tales of artist vs client!

Hat Tip: Val Trullinger.

Lord of the Rings actor Mark Ferguson, AKA Nanosecond Gil Galad writes a humorous account of his fantasy convention adventures.

One couple from Germany became a pair of giant, green insects, complete with inbuilt, stereophonic clicking noises. They’d spent all their holidays and weekends making the costumes. The rest of the year they work in a bank, but today they’re cicada-like creatures that no can of Raid is going to stop.

Mark looking aweary, backstage at a Ringcon from years past. You’d look weary too if you partied like this dude.


I took a ton of shots of him meaning to use him as a model for my next book, but he ended up being all wrong for the part. Oh well, maybe later. He was a hoot to hang with.

Many thanks for the LULZ.