UPDATE 11-21-12: To the many, many people who come to this blog, please be advised that the Irish blessing is in the SONG and not in my little prayer here. I made that up. That is not a traditional Irish prayer.

I am glad you like it, but if you are looking for a traditional Irish prayers from the auld sod, this ‘aint it. I now see it on blogs and all over the place, and people have started using it in religious services. This is NOT a traditional Irish prayer. I wrote it. Glad you like it.

Here’s wishing you and all of yours a beautiful day full of all the great and good blessings of life: the love of family and friends, a bountiful table, a warm, safe home, meaningful purpose, and peace of heart.

The Priests, official YouTube video. © The Priests

My new book, with Derek McCulloch: St Patrick’s Day, 2012. See you then.

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