This was one of the earliest character paintings I did for A Distant Soil, and you can feel the 80’s, baby!

You wish you had those pants. You do.

Anyway, this portrait of Dunstan shows him in his home in front of The Wailing Wall, where he invites friends in to perform random acts of graffiti. It’s one of those character back story things that will never be a major point in the book.

I only have about 15 originals on photo-transparency, and this is one of them. My magnificent Epson 10000 XL can handle negatives and transparencies, as well as 16″x 20″ originals. It can also scan up to 12800 dpi!

The photographer took four shots of each painting and each varies wildly in quality. I’ll post some other works so you can see what drives artists crazy: the bizarre deviation from the original to reproduction.

The same photographer took the shots for the cover of A Distant Soil Volume III, which has little resemblance to the original art. It’s an awful reproduction. However, this Dunstan portrait is not bad.

Back in the day, most artists had to hire out for archiving. To make transparencies of less than 2 dozen pieces cost $2000, and you can buy a good scanner for that!

Eventually, I hired people to make computer archives, but alas, since I had no digital skills at the time, I didn’t know how bad the scans were until years later. I opened the discs to find 150 dpi jpgs. Yikes. Very costly and disappointing. Another botch: the Orbiter graphic novel cover. Very vexed.

I lived in a city at the time, but it was not a town where professional artists could get good support services.