This comic page brought to you by ROBERTO MACEDO ALVES the noble proprietor of Livraria Setima Dimensao in Funchal, Portugal! Thank you for your generous donation!

THE DONATION INCENTIVE CONTINUES! Many statues, books, limited editions, beautiful art folios, paperbacks, dvd’s, etc. CLICK HERE FOR PICS of just a few available items.

The base donation incentive price is $29.95. For that price, you will get at least $100 worth of goods. You pick the category, and I pick the cool stuff. Example: four hardcovers, cover price $25 each = $100. One DVD, one collectible item valued at $75 = $100.

Many items are sealed and mint, such as X-Files dvd’s. Others are gently used. Some are nifty things like comics company Christmas cards signed by the staff. Others are battered library books which make great reference (many are about doing business in Japan).

These are the donation levels:

BASE donation: $29.95 Available to anyone in the USA and Canada.

FOREIGN base Donation: $49.95 Sorry to charge so much, but shipping heavy books overseas is very expensive.

Super uber cool US/Canada stuff donation $100: This will bring you at least $300 worth of goodies. REALLY cool stuff.

Foreign uber cool donation $150: gets you $300 worth of goodies.

Here are the categories:

The Asia Pack: manga, books about Japan, Japanese language, art, history

Comics and Graphic Novels

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror

Colleen’s Stuff: Books, collectibles, original art by me.


POP CULTURE: rock collectibles, Disneyana, a mix of WhatEVAH. Music, magazines, books featuring David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Kate Bush, etc

Help me clean out my THOUSANDS of things, and the money goes to finance A Distant Soil. I get less clutter, you get cool stuff at bargain prices, and you also get more comics. Win-Win-Win!!!

My studio is now SPOTLESS and 100% clutter free. The same can’t be said for my workshop.

Please help.