I’ve seen virtually nothing about the Google Book scheme on comics industry related blogs.

However, all creators, including artists, need to be aware that their work is being scanned and published online, often in toto and without their permission by internet monolith Google. This amounts to a massive copyright squatting operation.

Google’s claim that they are attempting to create an information database of out of print and orphaned works is flatly false, as many works of contemporary authors which are still in print and commercially viable are available in the database.

This includes graphic novels, though the original wording of the Google settlement showed they intended to exempt illustrations from the database. However, children’s books were listed as an exemption. One wonders what public interest imperative of the “information wants to be free” sort is served by these children’s books.

Because comic book illustration is essential to narrative, graphic novels are included in the scanning scheme.

Ursula K LeGuin has formed a petition here which has been signed by more than 300 authors (it’s too late to sign, drat.)

She also has a blog so others may discuss opposition to the Google scheme.

Please circulate this info. To learn more and to opt out of the Google Settlement, GO HERE.

And you might want to switch to using another search engine. I’m going Yahoo.