It is hard to believe scenes like this used to elicit hate mail and threats of book banning, because to my eyes this page looks relatively tame. Especially compared to some manga imports.

I haven’t had a single weird-o-gram about my work in ages, but for well over a decade there were several male fans who spent years trying to mend my sinful ways by sending me, my editors, my publishers, retailers, distributors, and yes, even my mom, letters condemning me and my work for scenes just like this. One guy even sent me his drawings of an angry, bleeding Jesus, admonishing me to THINK.

Another strange letter-writer dude filed complaints against me to the EEOC because I would not hire him. He claimed sex discrimination, age discrimination, and even religious discrimination. He was Jewish, but thought himself to be as Sir Galahad. That left me confused as to exactly what I was supposed to be discriminating against.

His letters would go on and on about how I was soiling myself writing and drawing “dirty” A Distant Soil. Of which he had every issue (I bet they were sticky). And on which he demanded a job.

I don’t recall getting any mail about how I was soiling myself drawing wicked comics from women. But some men had an inordinate amount of interest in my being “neat and clean,” and that’s a direct quote from a weird-o-gram.

Some dudes don’t have issues, they have volumes.

For the record, the content of the webcomic has received nary a whisper of scorn. I hardly ever get anything but useful, interesting feedback from readers. And I have more readers than ever.

Have attitudes toward comics and their content changed? What raised eyebrows in 1995 doesn’t raise eyebrows anymore, I guess. I don’t know. I’m just glad the scary people have gone away.

Anyway, thanks to Bob Heer, whose sponsorship of A Distant Soil brings you today’s thrilling romantic entanglement. Thanks so much, Bob!

Bob is an adult who doesn’t go off his nut when he sees a bit of flank in a drawing.

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