Absolutely awesome support for the donation drive. I am so very pleased and grateful. Once again, I must thank Arlene Harris, who came back and liked what she got the first time around, and decided to go for it again.

As some of you may know, much of the south and east coast has been snowed in for awhile, and being on a mountain, I am snowed in more than the average Joe. I’m a little behind on shipping, but should have a LOT to go out this week.


As you can see, this page requires some restoration I simply haven’t had time to do. Those tone sheets don’t necessarily scan on computer very well. Alas. Oh, look, spelling errors, too. Cripes.

I do hope you have enjoyed what you have read here. Buy it for your very own in handy dead paper format. Crisp clean printing, and cuddle-friendly. Volume I collects the first 240-ish pages.

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