Once again I must thank the delightful Arlene Harris who came back with yet another donation and got herself some nifty goods.

The donation incentive drive went way better than I thought it would, and I am still in the process of shipping orders. We got some 40 donations, and thanks to our generous patrons, I have enough money to bring A Distant Soil #39 home. It will be out later this year, DEFINITELY. And any further funds raised this year get put in the coffers for A Distant Soil #40. The websites are in the black as well.

I know it seems ridiculous to wait so long, but remember there is NO up front money on this project. Which means, if I need six weeks to complete an issue, I need six weeks of funds in the bank. So, if I only do three issues a year, basically I have to have enough ready cash for eighteen weeks. Do you have that laying around just to draw a comic? No, neither do I.

However, thanks to our generous patrons, I have several weeks in the kitty to finish an issue I started ages ago.

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