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Yeah, I know I’ve gone silent the last few days, and am a VEWWY BAD BWOGGER. I was under the weather for a few days, and now have to catch up.

My new agent is awesome, and needs all kinds of press data from me, and sales figures, and yadda yadda. I have almost nothing on file or on my computer, and many hours were devoted to doing all the administrative stuff I should have at my fingertips.

Press clippings and reviews have always embarrassed me, and I usually toss them. That is very silly. Press and promotion are part of the job.

As for the main job, I am deeply in the drawing zone, keeping to a schedule, by golly.

Quite nice, doing almost nothing but inking. A lot of that can be done on a lap board. Lovely  to sit in the family room and have people around, and work at the same time. Some artists need to be alone, but not me. When inking, I enjoy having folks about.

Slowly getting warmer outside, too. Looking forward to taking the lap board out to the porch.

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