ABOUT REGISTRATION: Due to spam and a recent hack attempt, I turn registration off most of the day.

HOWEVER, I will turn it on for an hour a day at noon EST, OR you may email me directly and request I set up an account for you. Sorry to have to do this, but I turned on reg for three hours today and got 40 forum spam registrations. The Wild Internet West is full of brigands.

Hey there, whoever you are in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Thanks for sitting down to read more than 300 pages of A Distant Soil today on the official website. I appreciate readers like you who drop in and stay. You support my advertisers, which helps me make money, which helps me draw more. I am grateful!

More art uploaded at ColleenDoran.com

When we hit 500 members on my Facebook fan page, there will be a random drawing to win a page of my original art. Thanks!