Absolutely dreadful storm pushing through, so do hope this uploads before the power goes out. I’m desperately trying to get some digital work done, and some pages to DC’s ftp site also. What fun.

BTW, after posting the other day that I was not watching TV or movies while working, I turned right around and started watching TV and movies. Never saw the Merlin TV series before, and it’s fun. Has the same appeal the old Xena/Hercules series used to have for me. Or more like Smallville in Camelot.

Don’t think it’s going to replace Mallory (or T.H. White,) but it’s a mystery to me why someone hasn’t had a good go at franchising the Arthurian mythos more effectively ’til now.

The most successful King Arthur story of the last century was Prince Valiant…am I wrong?

Alas, the later films and animated shows were not up to snuff. The best adaptation of the Hal Foster comics featured Robert Wagner in a wig, and Janet Leigh with a couple of atom bomb nose cones on her chest. Brassieres were the apex of medieval engineering

Doesn’t the fellow who plays young Merlin in the new series look an awful lot like a young Ben Cross?

Anyway, back to work.

When we hit 500 members on my Facebook fan page, there will be a random drawing to win a page of my original art. Thanks!