That was pretty whiney, wasn’t it?

Another pleasant day at the show, but sales were pretty slow.

Wah. It’s Sunday.

Did not keep my word to stay in last night and relax. Instead had dinner with Jeff Smith, Terry Moore, Steve Hamaker, and Larry Marder et al. Surreality set in when everyone started talking with hand puppets. Then there was a hand puppet interrogation. So I waterboarded mine by dunking it in my glass.

I have no idea what any of that was all about, but we all seemed to think ourselves hilarious.

The food in this town is so rich and glorious I cannot say no. I think I gained about five pounds already. And I am a little out of sorts in my tummy. I did nothing for my state by having greasy bar food for dinner tonight.

Met many very nice people all weekend, bought some comics. Great graphic novels sales. This show was a fan’s paradise. Perfume, goth clothing, lots of fun t-shirts, many vendors selling old comics at awesome prices. Vintage comics in less than ideal condition were going for a song. I had to restrain myself.

I finally got to that fudge shop and bought a pound to share. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.

Not much drawing got done, but there you go.

Had several promising business meetings, all very positive.

Say, was that writer really serious when he asked if I would be the semi-regular fill-in artist, maybe? – on THAT book? God, I hope so. Too good to be true?

What book would that be? I hope beyond hope this thing happens…

Oh, and yet ANOTHER art school instructor told me my blog is now required reading at their school. That’s pretty awesome. I get cranky about how much time and effort I put into this thing. Thanks so much for letting me know it does some good.

I have to get up at 4 AM.

Which will be the only really bad thing about this show.