Due to yet another upload snafu, I realized that I did not have a new page correctly formatted for today. It is such a bother to go back in the system, remove the misnumbered page, rename the new file, etc.

And so, it is with great regret that I post this picture of Emeris, a character of dubious character. As this post is kinda NWS, I hope this doesn’t get anyone in trouble. IMHO, it doesn’t exactly scream porn or anything. But you know how touchy some people are.

This was a private commission for a fan from some year’s back. Can’t recall who, but I do remember it took me more than a year to get it to them.

Once again, I am forced to thank my noble patrons for their great patience. Wind whistles between my ears on some days, seriously.

Anyway, this has never been published. A web exclusive!

There is a very bad side of me that finds the juxtaposition of the previous page and this one perversely funny.

Which does not alter the fact that Emeris is a louse. A decorative louse. But a louse.

Hope you like the pic of the louse.

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