Thanks to Miki Anamanthadoo for providing me with scans of original art from A Distant Soil. I sold these pages before I got my digital chops. I really appreciate the time and effort he put into getting me this art for my files.

If you have originals from A Distant Soil, let me know! I would really appreciate it if I can get scans. Please contact me with issue # and page number, and I will let you know if I need the art.

If you can scan it yourself, here is what I need:

For interior black and white line art
1200 dpi TIFF, black and white.

PLEASE do not scan the line art as GREYSCALE. This will cause the tone sheets to develop an odd flaw called a moire pattern.

If you have COLOR art:

600 dpi CMYK or RGB

If you have pencil art:

600 dpi greyscale

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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