Very warm thanks to Derail Howery. who sent this very kind message along with his donation:

“Hello Colleen Doran,

My name is Derail Howery from Chicago. I helped you at the Utrecht art store. You bought all the pens and stayed after hours. You gave me a wonderful pen called the Deleter. It’s hot! I’m so glad to have met you. I checked out your work and your whole history in the art field and I am breathless. I really love your work. I’m going to follow your webcomic.

I came to C2E2, but I started to buy stuff and had to leave because I was going broke. As I was leaving, I forgot to stop by and say hello. I am sending you this email, because you’re a badass, you work hard, you love what you do, and I am trying to reach that level. Just to let you know I’m going to donate five bucks to your cause so you can keep kicking ass on some artwork.

Colleen, keep doing what you’re doing and again, thank you for the pen.”

You’re most welcome, Derail! And I love spreading the goodness that is Deleter wherever I go! I’m glad you like the pen!

And now we all know I’m a badass.