It’s one of those weeks where I work all the time and barely eke out the minimum quota. So, I have to be a good girl and stick to the drawing board. I need to make up some time.

The good news is, I have been very good. The bad news is, there aren’t enough hours in the bad day.

And on that note, I have another generous benefactor to thank for his patronage. He wishes to be known as “A Fellow Florence King Fan,” and what better fellow exists, I do not know. Florence King is the Queen of Sassy Southern Belles Letters, and I highly recommend everything she writes.

Her pen is poisonous. You’ll die laughing.

Last July, I raved about her essay “Do Right, The Practice,” which may go down as one of the funniest and strangest chronicles of publishing industry godawful in history. And considering my publishing history, that’s saying something. Get it here dead cheap:

Not quite so dead cheap, here’s another selection of books in which my humble art and story offerings appear.