I haven’t been near the convention center, nor have I picked up my badge. I’ve been in my hotel room, good freelancer that I am.

Had tea today with Barry Lyga, and went over many details on the new book. I am delighted with his reaction to my prelims. The prelims for the book are complete, though there’s a handful I will redo for my own good. This book is not only going to be very entertaining for the reader, it is very entertaining for me. It’s such a great pleasure to work on. Not to devalue any other projects I am doing, but this one is not so research intensive as my last couple of projects. And I am not inventing a new style or drawing technique, as I often do.

I felt pretty good about the work before I got here, and feel even better now. There were important stylistic matters to pin down before I can go to final art. And that’s done, so all good.

I ate like a piglet at tea, so took a long walk around the Capitol and to the National Gardens. About two hours. Had killer migraine this morning, but I sweated it out in the 100 degree weather. I hoped to run into a nice lemonade stand, but no luck. I don’t know where the vendors were this evening, but I didn’t see a single one on Constitution Ave.

Our presentation is tomorrow morning, and we have an editorial meeting as well. I’m not staying for much after that except to shake a few hands. I want to get right back to work.

Here is the report from the farm, emailed by my beloveds who are watching my plant babies for me:

Flowers in front watered
Flowers in back watered – Thanx to Dad
Plants in hothouse watered – Thanx to Dad
Veggies watered
Potted plants on front porch watered
Front acreage mowed – Thanx to He and Me

Snap bean yield 1 pound, 14 ounces
Sugar pea yield, 8 peas – and they don’t taste so great, not to mention looking pretty ratty – but then so do I right now
4 cucumbers
Tomatoes looking very promising – Can hardly wait for that first BLT
Purple cabbage really looking good and heading up nicely – No worms, but some home-grown escargot
New beans are up-and-coming
Onions look really good – One in heavy bud
Squash beautiful

And back to Washington: I’m going to wash off the 100 degree weather, and then I will spend a quiet evening drawing.