Our lady slipper stash is the delight of our forest walks. They grow wild here. We do nothing to deserve them. If I wanted a garden of lady slippers, I could not afford them: they run about $85 per plant. There are more than 50 of them here; yet another reason to keep the location of the little farm on the mountain secret and safe. Collectors have been known to trespass and pinch rare plants.

In this shot, a moth dines on nectar from a lady slipper. Wish I had better pics of this, but my camera is not good at close ups.

I spend hours traipsing about the woods looking for lady slippers. There are worse hobbies, I suppose.

The lilacs took a hit from the heavy snows this winter, but butterflies had few complaints.

I don’t have much time for flower gardening: my efforts go to the veggies and trees. But the little box of zinnias and heliotrope in front of the hothouse makes me happy. On each side, old wine barrels house potato plants. Butterflies swarm here.