This portrait of Sere is a commission for JK Carrier, for the remarqued editions of the ADS hardcover graphic novels.

The original art is quite delicate and I had to darken considerably for reproduction here. The drawing technique I use for this look is close to that commonly used for silverpoint.

Most pencil artists draw in great swatches with the side of the pencil. I use the hardest, tiniest, sharpest point possible, and create all forms from thousands of tiny strokes instead of a few big strokes.

This takes a long time, obviously. Also, since the pencil is pin sharp, you have to have a very light touch, otherwise the paper is irreparably scratched. After that, it is impossible to get a smooth tone: the flaw in the paper will show through the graphite.

I have been sitting on commissions for ages, and still have a few left to go. As soon as I am positive all are completed and safely in the hands of their owners, I will offer the remainder of the hardcover editions for sale. I have not offered any for sale for some years because I was so far behind on these drawings. I did hundreds of them!

I may begin taking commissions again in about three months.

Remarqued editions will be available in very limited quantities. Each will be $150. I will only accept payment on completion of the work.

Please inquire.