The site will be down temporarily while Webgoddess DC MCQueen makes repairs. Please don’t despair, we’ll be back later today.

It doesn’t appear to have been anything personal, but one of those odd mass attacks from an IP in Turkey. Apparently, this is a common annoyance, like acne or something.

Update: DC will be deleting and reinstalling both sites, as well as moving them to a new server. This will create delays and outages which should be cleared up by tomorrow. The hack appears to be a server issue, and we will soon be with a new company. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: We’ve got huge files to reupload, and this may take awhile. Everything has been cleaned out, and installed from the ground up. Thank you for your patience. Can’t really do much until all is back online, and we have gigabytes of goodies to restore.

UPDATE: 9 PM Saturday night. Everything fixed. Complete clean reinstall. Let me know if anyone experiences any problems.

My most sincere appreciation to DC McQueen!!!