I am assailed from all sides by editors, and it was a very rough week. I haven’t even been outside to get the mail in five days, and worked until 3 AM Saturday.

Rough times, but I soldier on, little buckaroo that I am!

Thanks so much to the webcomic What it Takes by Kez for linking to A Distant Soil ! Drop by the What it Takes webcomic!

Most sincere thanks to our generous benefactor Anthony Soderquist who made my day with a donation incentive tip in the jar.

For a $100 donation (handy button in upper left corner,) a page of art from A Distant Soil is yours! Pick your favorite character, and I will choose a page on which that character is prominently featured. All art ships within 2 weeks of receipt of donation! Packaged in acid free sleeves.

Donations outside the USA, please add an additional $10 for shipping.

This offer good until August 27.

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Gif forwarded by Arlene Harris.