Thank you to Katrina way down there in Australia who ordered an entire set of A Distant Soil graphic novels yesterday. I appreciate every purchase and donation, as each one funds the march to The End.

Obviously, I will need to publish an annotated version of this book.

Mentos are a candy which once had an unfortunate ad campaign that made it the laughing stock of North America. Improbably good-looking, well-scrubbed young people would find themselves in light comedy dilemnas solved by brainwaves inspired by pulling out a role of Mentos while the announcer chirped, “Mentos! The freshmaker!”

Apparently, Mentos boost creativity and the IQ. They also cure acne.

Jason is an improbably good-looking, well-scrubbed young man who would have been the prime pick of Central Casting for one of those commercials. It’s a curse. Poor, sad, pretty fellow.

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