A couple of weeks ago, a bunch of retired CIA and FBI agents, as well as a slew of old cops, showed up at my parent’s farm for a party. A few mentioned how much they are looking forward to seeing Warren Ellis’s Red. I know my dad is dying to see it.

Old gun-toting dudes never die, they just renew their license to carry.

That lovely fellow who was at the Bay of Pigs brought us a nice stained glass window pane he made all by himself. It’s good he has new hobbies that don’t make things explode.

Pinched from The Beat. Warren says:

There is a small, snivelling and flinching part of me that would rather not have his name inextricably linked with The Last Comic Book Movie Flop Of 2010. But, you know, I am today pretty much at peace with the whole thing. I’ve met fine people and I’ve learned many useful things, and that is the most you can ask of any walk.

Reviews are coming in. This from The Huffington Post:

And yet one should never underestimate the pleasures to be had from an action film written by and starring professionals, who know what they’re doing and don’t miss a trick. It’s not that Red is a breakthrough or a game-changer in any way — it’s just a highly enjoyable comic action-thriller with a sense of humor about itself.

OK, I’m in.