When we uploaded the new version of ComicPress, we neglected to make sure the settings for uploading corrected files were enabled. I just had a jolly 45 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong.

Anyway, this page is copy heavy. Duh. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I originally drew the next five or so pages. I’d like to go back and break this up a bit. I promise there will be none of that until I have finally finished the whole book! LOL!

Some readers prefer more word bang for their buck. Deconstructed comics are a bit thin on unit content. But this page is indefensible.

I’ve worked with folks who cram comic pages with copy that has nothing to do with moving the story: the copy was about the writer/editor asserting their presence into the narrative.

Redundancies that describe actions clearly visible on the page are the worst: writers who come to comics from prose don’t know how to let pictures tell the story. I think some of them actually resent it. Why they want to do comics, I dunno.

At least the copy here moves the story, but the pictures don’t. This page should have been broken in two.

And for reasons I cannot fathom, it looks like I changed the setting on my Ames lettering guide. The lettering is not up to snuff.